National Driller each year selects 52 products of the week. The products range from small, handheld photometers to split spoons to drilling rigs. Readers love seeing what companies put out into the market, because they never know when the next product might change the whole way they do business.

Each December, we count down the top 5 products of the year, based on page views. Miss one? Just want to see what everyone else is clicking on? Read on, and join us in congratulating the companies that made this year’s cut.

5. Geoprobe Interlocking Split Spoon

Engineered and built by Geoprobe, the patented interlocking split spoon saves drillers both time and money. The interlocking split spoon is two-times stronger, lasts longer, and is operator-friendly with fewer turns to put together and take apart thanks to multi-lead threads at the drive head and cutting shoe. The interlocking feature eliminates bulging and bowing by strengthening the entire sheath and enabling it to stay aligned during impact. The design also meets ASTM Standard D1586.

4. TEI Rock Drills RDS1500

TEI Rock Drills’ newly designed RDS1500’s low profile and compact size lets the operator drill close to existing structures. In addition to the standard two-speed rotary for power and torque, they’ve added a third high-speed gear for making and breaking tool joints and cleaning augers. The RDS1500 is equipped with a hollow stem for flushing with air or water and drilling with grout and fine cements.

3. SIMCO Drilling Equipment Model 2800 Drill

SIMCO Drilling Equipment has introduced the all-new, more powerful Model 2800 drill. It comes equipped with a 2-by-3 centrifugal mud pump, giving you more borehole diameter and depth capability than ever. Added to the deck is a 185 cfm/150 psi development air package, all powered by the Cummins Ram 5500, giving you more power than most big rigs in a smaller package.

2. Acker Drill KODIAK

The KODIAK is Acker’s newest economical, modular drill unit. The KODIAK offers limited access capability with the ability to drill under 8-foot clearance. Not in low clearance? The KODIAK includes the option of 77-inches of stroke. And with the option of three removable drill heads and a Cathead, you can efficiently auger, core and SPT in the most restricted areas.

1. Errickson Equipment Dual-Rotary Casing Advancement Systems

Errickson Equipment manufactures dual-rotary casing advancement systems, specifically ones that are retrofittable to your existing drill rig, excavator or box leads. Contractors can start capitalizing on projects with heaving or unconsolidated formations, vertically or horizontally, at a nominal cost. Errickson has engineered three models to accommodate casing sizes from 4- to-26 inches. To get a quote on a kit, visit, complete the “Tower Fit Form,” and email it to Or call 800-691-9166 // 908-996-2200 for international customers.