Welcome to the first 'Wayne Nash Wednesday' or 'Wednesdays with Wayne.' Great knowledge sharers like Wayne and Porky have set the criteria for drilling legend status. This tradition continues with the cable tool guru John Schmidt and anyone who dedicates a couple of hours to documenting their professional experience.

As you read Wayne's article below, I want you to consider the most significant factor of stuck pipes. Every situation comes down to physics and how that correlates to our tooling and downhole conditions. Now, consider how we use our drilling knowledge to overcome these challenges. 

Finally, I will leave you with my most significant lesson learned in drilling, and it comes from the Marvel Legend Stan Lee: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.” The more horsepower available, the more pressure exerted down the hole, and the more we try to overcome physics through brute force. This will always result in stuck pipe and an eventual lost hole. Be like Spiderman and overcome these issues with indisputable science and a keen 'Spidey-sense' that not even Doc Ock could argue with! 

Read the full article, 'Pipe Stuck? Common Causes and Solutions for Drillers,' by Wayne Nash