Makinex has released its Portable Power Box (PPB), a jobsite power source the company calls a blend of efficiency, convenience, portability and durability featuring.

“The Portable Power Box is revolutionary — a noise free, fuel free, emissions free portable solution,” says John Stewart, CEO. “Construction companies are facing more environmental challenges than ever before — regulatory bodies are tightening restrictions on carbon emissions, and customers are demanding renewable solutions.

Stewart calls the PPB a “huge step toward renewable portable power for the construction industry.”

The PPB features:

  • 6kW of output power combined with up to 15kWh of storage
  • Rapid charging in just seven hours
  • A robust frame for easy storage and maneuverability
  • Safety features like RCD protection, thermal overload protection and IP44-rated weather resistance
  • Compatibility with 240V mains or solar photovoltaic.
  • Multiple connection options, including 3x15A outlets and 2x5V USB-A outlets
  • Worry-free use in confined spaces

In a news release, Makinex says the PPB is also nominated in the Innovative Product Awards at World of Concrete 2024. The company plans a press conference at the popular construction industry event, Jan. 22-25 2024 in Las Vegas. For more information, visit