Franklin Electric Co., Inc. announced they now offer a cast iron sacrificial anode kit that provides added protection against corrosion of 4-inch Franklin Electric submersible motors. It bolts directly to the bottom of the motor with just three screws and has a smaller diameter, making it an ideal option for both new and retrofit installations. With the metal-to-metal contact, this low-grade cast iron anode acts as a conductor for corrosion, increasing overall motor and water system life. The motor remains unchanged and contractor inventory management continues status quo. As a lower cost alternative to 316 stainless steel motor constructions, the sacrificial anode kit can cost-effectively be used as a precautionary measure to prevent premature motor failure in highly corrosive applications – especially those with brackish water, high chlorides or high temperatures.

According to the company, the sacrificial anode kit is the only anode designed and manufactured by a motor manufacturer, and is specifically constructed for Franklin Electric submersible motors to maximize compatibility and water system performance.

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