How often have you complained about young people not wanting to do “hard” work like drilling, construction or other trades? Do you see a lot of grey on the jobsite and wonder when the next generation — or generation after that — will take over?

Why don’t you show ’em how it’s done. No, really. And we want to help.

Think about that new person in your company who just excels — took right to the job and really embraces the drilling industry. Think about the impressive up-and-coming driller you met at a trade show who somehow manages a fleet of five rigs at just 25. Think about all the people in the drilling and groundwater industries who you look at and think, “Yeah, they’re going far, fast.” Nominate these folks for our Emerging Drillers series.

We think about “emerging” as a high distinction. Emerging Drillers acts as models of success in trades like drilling. The next generation needs to see themselves operating heavy equipment, or in in the important scientific and engineering work those operators execute or make possible. They need to see the connection between groundwater and, often, the water from their taps. They need to know drilling can provide the geothermal heating and cooling that helps solve green energy. The next generation needs to know that drilling delivers the raw materials for everything from mobile phones to EV batteries — and they can be a part of it all. We can help.

Tell us about the Emerging Drillers you know — or nominate yourself. We’ll do the rest. We do a video interview and a write-up in one of our two annual print editions, which get passed out at Groundwater Week and the South Atlantic Jubilee. The first one is coming right up, so hurry to get in your nomination.

We want to show what success in drilling and groundwater looks like to the high-schooler considering career paths or the 20-something looking for a change. Help us share success stories. Let’s show ’em how it’s done. The Emerging Driller you nominate may just inspire others to follow.

We’re looking for drilling or groundwater professionals:

  • Under age 40
  • In the industry for 2 years or who have been promoted to driller, project manager, lead scientist on site, etc., before that of time.
  • Who show potential for leadership in the industry.
  • Who show potential for long-term industry contributions.

Fill out the form to nominate someone (or yourself). Be a part of showcasing rising talent in drilling and groundwater. Help ensure a solid talent pipeline for the drilling and groundwater industries. After all, showing success breeds more success.

Stay safe out there, drillers.