This week, host Brock Yordy takes a question from Devon about when to check and rebuild your mud on 400-foot geothermal holes. That kind of depth creates plenty of cuttings, and if you let your mud weight creep up too much, it complicates loop installation and grouting. How do you manage drilling fluids effectively on a large-scale geothermal project?

“It starts with having a good drilling program and understanding what we’re going to encounter,” Yordy says.

In this episode, he discusses:

  • Geothermal drilling
  • The importance of planning in industrial drilling
  • How to calculate solids created during drilling
  • How bentonite, polymers degrade during drilling
  • Mud testing
  • Tips for rebuilding drilling fluids
  • Mud weight, sand content and other mud properties to monitor
  • How high mud weight affects geothermal loop installation

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