Some projects certainly benefit from the easy touch of foam drilling. This method, with its excellent cuttings removal, gives a clean hole in delicate formations. But what uphole velocity should you shoot for? This week, drilling expert Brock Yordy has tips. It’s Ask Brock episode 155.

“Foam drilling is about finesse,” Yordy says, “and slowing down and understanding that we can drill a formation without getting it super water-wet and swelling, or breaking up lost circulation zones.”

In this episode, he also discusses:

  • Targeting a 100-200 feet per minute uphole velocity in foam drilling
  • Partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide polymers (PHPAs) in foam drilling
  • Polyanionic cellulose polymers (PACs) in foam drilling
  • Gel foam in drilling applications
  • Penetration rates in foam drilling

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