Junttan USA Inc., a subsidiary of Junttan Oy, has announced a signed dealer agreement to represent XCMG foundation drilling rigs in the United States. In a release, Junttan says these rigs, custom-built by XCMG for Junttan, will be backed by a full line of drilling tools, temporary casings, shoes, drive adapters and teeth.

“Junttan and XCMG will work closely to help strengthen both of our product lines in the future,” Junttan USA General Manager Miika Eskelinen says. “Both companies share the same values of quality, trust, and partnership with our valued customers. It is with great pride that we see our U.S.-based company strengthening its products.”

The release calls XCMG one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world, adding that it has 20 years of experience manufacturing foundation equipment. This partnership, the companies say, will expand Junttan’s product line from primarily piledriving equipment into foundation drilling equipment.

“The signing of this agreement between XCMG and Junttan USA is a mutual relationship that is built on respect and communication,” says Kong Qinghua, president of XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. “We see a great opportunity to provide drilling equipment in the United States and are very happy with our new partner Junttan USA.”

The release says that Junttan recognized an increase in drilled shafts in the North American foundation market and wanted to expand beyond its traditional line of piling rigs and hammers to meet the changing needs of its contractor customers. The new line of XCMG drilling rigs allow the company to provide equipment and tooling for both driven and drilled pile foundations. These rigs are designed for Kelly drilling, continuous flight auger (CFA), full displacement piles (FDP), single column mixing (SCM), cased CFA (CCFA), and low headroom applications. Junttan USA also expects to expand its technology to perform cutter soil mixing for diaphragm wall applications.

“This partnership will allow Junttan to expand its already extensive line of piling rigs and bring new options to our customer base,” says Tim Dutton, Junttan USA’s vice president of sales and operations. “We are proud to be partnered with an organization like XCMG.”

The XCMG line of drilling rigs have a large range of operating weights from 45 to 200 tons and torque values between 130 and 800 kNm. All are outfitted with Cummins engines and will be Tier 4 or greater to comply with emission standards in the U.S. Junttan USA has access to the Cummins InSite software for troubleshooting and diagnostics. This allows all engine service to be performed by Junttan technicians with no outside support from a Cummins dealer. All new products will be backed by a one-year/2,000-hour warranty and handled directly through Junttan USA.

Junttan USA will provide service and stock a comprehensive inventory of parts for the XCMG product line at its Delaware and Florida locations. XCMG has also committed to stocking parts at its locations in Nevada, Texas, and Minnesota.

Junttan USA is the American subsidiary of Junttan Oy, which designs and manufactures hydraulic piling equipment. The Junttan product range includes pile driving rigs, multipurpose piling/drilling rigs, and deep stabilization rigs, as well as hydraulic impact hammers, rotary heads and power packs. For more information, visit junttan.com.