Equipment Corporation of America (ECA) has begun distribution of two new drilling rigs introduced to the North American market at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 by Klemm Bohrtechnik. The KR 806-4GM and the KR 801-3GS are the two newest additions to this line of anchor and micropile drilling rigs.

“Klemm continues to innovate new rigs in response to our customers’ changing needs in the field,” says Jeff Harmston, vice president of sales and marketing. “These two new machines are a reflection of that so we expect strong sales and rental demand among ECA’s customers in the U.S. and Canada.”

In a release, ECA calls the Klemm line of rigs ideal for a wide range of drilling and ground improvement applications, including micropiles, jet grouting, tieback anchors, dual-rotary drilling and soil nailing. The company says Klemm rigs are best known for “unstoppable” dynamic power and a wide range of drill mast positions. Both the KR 806-4GM and the KR 801-3GS can operate via remote control or a machine-mounted control panel.

The KR 806-4GM represents a step down in weight class from the KR 807-7 Series. The rig contains a newly developed kinematics system and a patented MAG 6.1 drum magazine, which represents an upgrade to the MAG 7.0. The KR 806-4GM is ideal for installing heavy double heads for drilling in rotary/rotary percussion mode and in rotary drum mode, in addition to the use of hydraulic hammers. The new kinematics system allows the rig to hold a magazine load of up to 1,100 kilograms, casings of up to 178 millimeters in diameter, and pipe pairs of up to 3,000 millimeters in length.

The design of the KR 801-3GS is especially compact. Its reinforced boom assembly offers flexibility and enough load-carrying capacity for the operation of moderately heavy drill head units of the KH and KD range in conjunction with a maximum usable rod length of 4,000 millimeters. Various drill masts are available to match a variety of applications. The KR 801-3GS is also a product of Klemm’s special focus on generating more engine power, greater pump output, power sharing and energy efficiency.

ECA has supplied foundation construction equipment in the eastern United States and eastern Canada for more than a century. The company is exclusive distributor for Bauer drills, Klemm anchor and micropile drills, RTG piling Rigs, Bauer MAT slurry handling systems, HPSI vibratory pile hammers, Word International drill attachments, Dawson construction products, ALLU ground improvement equipment, Pile Master air hammers, and Digga dangle drills. ECA offers sales, rentals, service, and parts from nine facilities throughout the eastern U.S. and eastern Canadian provinces. Visit for more information.