Solinst Canada Ltd. has introduced the Model 4001 Solinst Readout Unit (SRU), a new rugged field data transfer device that also provides instant water level readings from a connected Solinst datalogger. 

In a release, the company says the Model 4001 SRU provides multiple convenient, in-field functions.

The SRU connects to a Levelogger’s Direct Read Cable, a LevelVent Wellhead, or AquaVent Wellhead connector cable. The company says it features a compact, ergonomic and water-resistant design. Using push-buttons, it is easy to power-on and navigate through all SRU menu options. The LCD screen contrast is adjustable to ensure easy viewing in any field condition. The SRU uses a 9V replaceable battery to operate, and has user-upgradeable firmware.

With the SRU connected, Solinst says operators can select a real-time sampling rate and start a real-time monitoring session independent of the datalogger’s internal logging mode. Real-time logs can be saved in the SRU memory. The SRU has a built-in barometer, which provides the option of showing and saving real-time water level readings corrected for barometric pressure. Real-time logging is convenient when performing aquifer tests, such as pumping tests.

The SRU also serves as a data download and storage device. It has a robust flash memory to save multiple internal log files from a number of different dataloggers. Transer saved files to a PC by connecting the SRU using a USB cable. Users download the files, then open them using Levelogger Software. 

The SRU provides access to information about the connected datalogger’s battery level, memory, serial number, firmware version and logging mode. This is useful for quickly checking the status of a field-located datalogger without removing it from deployment. 

Solinst Canada Ltd. has served clients in the groundwater and surface monitoring sectors for more than 35 years. The company offers a range of loggers, peristaltic pumps, samplers and other equipment for hydrogeologists, hydrologists and other water professionals. For more information, visit