Obviously, when you install a well, you want it to produce. But development issues happen to the best drilling contractors. On this Ask Brock, episode 122, host and drill trainer Brock Yordy gives tips on troubleshooting development.

“The best thing that we can do,” he says, “is minimize impact by having a low-solids drilling fluid. It’s often why we see specifications on large wells when they’re going to drill that production zone, it’s drilled on reverse — minimal impact, a negative pressure, cuttings coming up the hole.”

Start by looking at the variables one at a time.

“I would ask yourself what has changed from when we were successful to not. Sometimes, it’s you just that you just got a torched out bit that was a really good deal that a little bit bigger that’s now not allowing your solids to come up out of the hole intact.”

In this episode, he talks also about mud weight, solids management. Click above to hear more.

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