On Drilling In-Site, episode 30, hosts Jeremy Verdusco and Brock Yordy bring on Kim Barclay, executive director, South Atlantic JUBILEE. The popular event for drillers in water well, geotechnical and other sectors returns this year after the pandemic derailed many in-person events in 2020. We brought Barclay on to discuss how this year’s event has shaped up, and what changes attendees and exhibitors might expect.

“As of today, there are no official mandates or restrictions in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,” she says. “With that said, the exhibit hall, the show floor is spaced out more than normal to make people feel a little bit more comfortable and confident that they’re not all bunched together.”

She said to expect some minor changes, like perhaps curtains between exhibitors and, maybe in some cases, Plexiglas, at this year’s event.

“What we anticipate, barring anything horrific happening, is that masks will be option — up to the individual. There will be, of course, hand sanitizer stations and so forth. That’s really all we anticipate.”

She said popular parts of the event, like the Worth Pickard Family Picnic and the petting zoo, will return.

“We’re excited to have everybody back,” she adds.

This episode covers topics like:

  • The South Atlantic JUBILEE’s return after the 2020 Covid-19 hiatus
  • How the JUBILEE sets itself off as a “family” event
  • The “mom and pop” aspect of the drilling and water supply industry
  • How attendee and exhibitor comfort levels will drive Covid-19 safety protocols at the 2021 event
  • Covid-19 protocols for restaurants and attractions in Myrtle Beach
  • The JUBILEE’s hosting of this year’s NGWA’s McEllhiney Lecture, which features Kevin McGinnis of Cotey Chemical Corp., discussing water treatment

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