In episode 91 of Ask Brock, host and drill trainer Brock Yordy makes the case for hydrocyclones on the drilling jobsite.

Of course, hydrocyclones separate material by density. What does that mean for drilling? It means they do some of the work of getting concentrated solids out of the mud going back downhole. Mud pumps through the hydrocyclone. A vortex inside pulls out denser material brought up from downhole, and less dense (and cleaner) mud flows comes out, ready for action.

“Two cones is definitely going to be better than one,” Yordy says. “But one cone is much better than just shoveling and hoping we’re getting those solids out.”

Ultimately, using hydrocyclones may require more fluids in circulation (driving up costs a bit), but Yordy says the superior hole cleaning makes it worth it.

“Yes, we’re using up fluid … but that’s also allowing us to drill a better, stable hole.”

Plus, he says running cleaner mud minimizes damage to the formation.

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