Simco announced that their iconic Simco 2400 SK-1 geotechnical drill is now available with a four-jack hydraulic leveling system. The update is in addition to new options rolled out earlier this year: remote-controlled rubber tracks, a long-stroke mast for 5- to 10-foot tools with the CME automatic standard penetration test (SPT) hammer, and a 56 horsepower Tier-4 Final diesel engine.

“When cost effective auger drilling and soil sampling are needed to be done in hard to access locations, this is the rig for you,” the company says in a release. “Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”

Simco calls the 2400 “reliable” and “easy to operate” with a low maintenance costs.

The company calls the 2400 SK-1 one of the most long lasting and in-demand rigs in its equipment line. The rig, Simco says, is ideal for geotechnical and environmental work. It is a ruggedly built, easy-to-maintain, all-hydraulic top-head drive, which Simco says is backed by unmatched service and support.

Osceola, Iowa-based Simco Drilling Equipment Inc. has designed, manufactured and supplied equipment to the drilling industry since 1971. While the company started in geothermal, its rigs are now used in water well, geotechnical, environmental, exploration, construction and utility work. The company says its rigs work on every continent. For more information, visit or email