Diedrich Drill has redesigned and relaunched their D25-D Drill Rig which features several upgrades to the prior model.

The drilling rig has a new CAT 1.5-liter, 32.7-horsepower diesel engine, offering 25 percent more spindle torque (3,764 foot-pounds), 41 percent more spindle rpm (770 rpm) than previous versions. It also features an upgraded driveline.  

“The hydraulic layout has been re-designed featuring a new control panel, valve banks, hydraulic tank and other various valves.  Plus, the drill features a low-clearance feed frame and is more lightweight and compact than other units, while weighing in at only 7,700 pounds track mounted,” says Mark Rothwell, CEO.

Diedrich Drill plans to offer numerous customizations of the D-25 Drill Rig to meet unique customer specifications.

“We are very excited about this rig’s capabilities and the opportunity to help more of our customers safely and efficiently complete their drilling jobs,” says Rich Osgerby, vice president of sales, marketing and service.

To learn more, visit www.diedrichdrill.com.