Jeff Garby has worked closely with drilling companies around the globe. He’s now president of Alucast Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, a custom manhole and well cover manufacturer, but he’s served the drilling and environmental industries for years. Episode 9 of Drilling In-Site gets into Garby’s perspective on well protection, social media and the future of drilling.

“Well protection will mitigate consequence,” Garby says. “So what it means is, you are working extremely hard making a great well — a water well, a monitoring well, a gas well, it doesn't matter. … If you have a crappy manhole cover, surface contamination will roll in, come inside and contaminate your well, change the water levels, change the groundwater data that you're receiving. It’s a huge problem. You have got to have great well protection today and, not only that, you got to install it correctly.”

Garby makes a good case for well protection, of course, but we also discuss the what changes to expect in the drilling industry in the next 5 to 10 years, valuing people over the drilling rigs they run, and getting the next generation excited about working in the industry. Watch the edited video here, or listen to the full-length conversation at You can also subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts.

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