The new SubDrive Utility Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is designed to turn conventional pumping systems — 1/3 to 1½ horsepower — into variable-speed constant water systems. The new Franklin Electric Co. Inc. VFD works for residential applications using a 2-wire Franklin Electric submersible motor.

The SubDrive Utility VFD provided consistent water pressure throughout the household no matter how many fixtures are running simultaneously. It features a NEMA 3R (Type 3) enclosure, which is rated for indoor and outdoor use. It retrofits to most pumping systems that use a Franklin Electric motor.

In cases where the pump and/or motor require replacement, the drive is fully functional with the new products. Standard mesh screens minimize intrusion of insects and other performance inhibiters while still allowing for optimal cooling of the drive. SubDrive Utility ships standard with a traditional SubDrive pressure sensor, but is also compatible with an analog pressure transducer.    

SubDrive Utility is now available as a standalone unit. It will be available in a SubDrive Utility QuickPAK later this year, featuring the drive and a Franklin Electric pump and motor designed to work together at peak efficiencies.

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