Soilmec has introduced the SR-75 drill, featuring reduced emissions and improved efficiency, as part of the new Blue Tech line, the company announced. The new setup saves approximately 10 liters (2.6 gal) of fuel per hour.

The electrical system features enhanced technology and the hydraulic system has been simplified using larger components. Merging these solutions with proportional controls and intelligent positioning of hydraulic components led to improved response and smoother-performing rig operations.

Higher force and speed on the crowd system, along with increased rated torque on the rotary head, up to 281 kNm (207,255 lbf-ft) of rated value, as well as a new heavy duty main winch give the SR-75 Blue Tech the best mechanical performance in even the toughest conditions.

Equipped with industry-cutting edge technologies, including the DMS 4.0 with a simple navigation menu and intuitive interactive graphics, the SR-75 Blue Tech helps the operator in the day-to-day drilling planning and execution. The many new functions, most of them automatic, help minimize downtime and maximize productivity by making the rig easy to set up and use right from the comfort of the cab.

Soilmec says easy and quick conversion kits and packages make the SR-75 Blue Tech a perfect fit for working needs, with option packages to improve productivity and operating flexibility.

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