At the recent Conexpo 2020 event in Las Vegas, Soilmec unveiled several new drilling rigs, starting with what they call their “next generation” of SR hydraulic drilling rigs — the Blue Tech Line. Designed around a new energy-saving architecture, Soilmec says the line improves performance, flexibility and functionality across all drilling setups.

The SR-75 Blue Tech, the first of the new line, can convert quickly and efficiently from one configuration to another, making it flexible. Quick conversions kits are available for CFA, turbo jet, displacement and soil mixing.

Soilmec also designed to for improved efficiency. The redesigned hydraulic system is optimized to reduce performance loss during duty cycle operation, saving up to 2.75 gallons (10.4 liters) of fuel per hour. Improved loss reduction allowed for drilling improvements, including higher crowd force and speed, increased rated torque on rotary head (up to 281 kNm/207,255 pound-feet of rated value), and an improved heavy-duty main winch. The company says these improvements allow the SR-75 Blue Tech to achieve best-in-class mechanical performance in even the toughest conditions.

The company’s other big product release included a 35-ton piling rig, the SR-35 EVO, and additions to the SM series of micropile and tieback rigs.

Soilmec calls the SR-35 EVO a “major” improvement to the line. The company equipped it with the latest generation Stage V/Tier-4 Final diesel engine, so it has low-idle for improved fuel efficiency and reduced noise pollution. The Cummins B6.7 engine marks a 15-horsepower increase compared to the previous SR-30 EVO. Soilmec also simplified the hydraulic and electric systems to minimize energy losses and provide more space for maintenance.

The SR-35 EVO features a newly designed rotary head resulting in a 15-percent torque increase (maximum value of 151.6 kNm /111,814 pound-feet).

A new high-strength steel-segmented mast distinguishes the SR-35 EVO. The segmental mast allows for quick conversion of the rig for different applications. By removing the upper element, it is possible to quickly convert to the LHR setup or add a rig rotary sleeve kit and auger cleaner for CFA applications (4-Lines and Quick Change Versions).

Soilmec calls the SR-35 EVO a modern machine equipped with several accessories and devices, as well as the DMS 4.0 system, to ensure the highest level of connectivity, accessibility and safety.

Soilmec also updated its micropile and tieback offerings with the SM-15 and SM-15HD. The company says the SM-15, which builds on its success with the SM-401 and SM-14 models, provides added flexibility, ease of transport, higher performance characteristics and an improved environmental impact. Soilmec used a “platform” design to produce two different models, offering price and performance options.

The SM-15 HD (Heavy Duty) has the same Cummins B6.7 as the SR-35 EVO. Soilmec says the decision to fit the SM-15 HD with a larger diesel engine allows it to utilize the largest double-head and vibro-rotary head configurations. The SM-15 HD can be set with three types of kinematic mechanism: standard with cylinders and pin removal; with a slew ring for quick and precise adjustment +/- 180 degrees; or with 90-degree mast articulation that allows drilling on the side of the tracks.

Both the SM-15 and SM-15 HD work with a wide range of rotary heads up to 23,602 pound-feet (32 kNm) torque, jet grouting treatment of 65.6 feet (20 meters) depth, clamp/joint breakers and four different masts positions for varying stroke of rotary heads.

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