Foundation drilling and construction equipment builder Soilmec SpA, part of the Trevi Group, has put its new flagship rig, the SR-125 HIT, to work on the FOUR Frankfurt mixed-use high-rise project in Germany.

In a release, the company says the new rig is “engineered to be multifunctional and technology-adaptable,” adding that it was “built with robust and accurate design to face the most challenging jobsite conditions.”

Soilmec says the FOUR Frankfurt project served as a good test for rig performance, because piles were drilled in a difficult, overburden soil stretching over pre-existing foundations. Operators used the SR-125’s segmental casing technology, where piles are driven directly by rotary head, to install piles into the silty clay, sand and several rock layers at the site.

The SR-125 HIT installed the piles at depths ranging between 36 and 40 meters, with diameters of 1,500 and 2,000 millimeters. The foundation piles, in addition to supporting the structure, serve as ecological heating and cooling of the building. The armature cages were installed with geothermal probes that act as close circuit heat exchangers.

Soilmec calls the SR-125 HIT a multi-purpose drilling rig designed to deliver maximum return on investment, based on the concepts of efficiency, power, performance and flexibility. The new mast and the new rotary ensure an optimal weight-to-performance ratio. Soilmec also designed the operator’s cab for comfort and ease of use to increase productivity.

The drilling rig features the most up-to-date safety features: platforms with vertical guards; mirrors and video cameras so the operator can control the area around the rig 360 degrees; 10 lux lighting for night operation; and a new 470 kW Tier 4 Final engine. Soilmec says the company’s special technical solutions have also led to excellent noise containment, with a guaranteed LwA of 109 dB and an LpA in the cabin of 78 dB, a crucial when working in a city center like the Frankfurt central business district.

Soilmec SpA, part of the Trevi Group, builds and services foundation drilling and construction equipment for use in bridges, railways, buildings and other types of projects. It was founded in 1969 and has about 1,300 employees worldwide. For more information, visit