Cresswell Drilling got its start 140 years ago when digging wells was done by hand. Five generations later, the family-run business continues to help residents of northeastern Pennsylvania with their water system needs.

Scott Cresswell bought into the company from his father, William “Bill” Cresswell, and today he runs Cresswell Drilling with the help of his son, Brian. Scott’s oldest son, Geoffrey, is in a closely related field; he’s an engineer for Goulds Water Technology (GWT).

As president of Cresswell Drilling, Scott guides his team in delivering exceptional service to customers. Cresswell Drilling provides quality water systems ranging from private water wells to municipal water systems including residential, commercial, agriculture and utility water well drilling. 

Water in Cresswell’s northeastern Pennsylvania service area is prone to aesthetic problems like sulfuric odors and high iron. To combat these common water issues, the company offers water treatment and purification services. For instance, they install ultraviolet purification systems. Scott Cresswell says more and more people have concerns about water quality because of the rise of natural gas wells in the area. As a result, water sampling has grown into a large part of Cresswell Drilling’s business. 

“Everyone is concerned. They don’t just take [clean water] for granted anymore,” he says.

Along with water sampling for treatment and purification services, Cresswell Drilling installs and fixes water pumps.

“We strive to have people back with water by the end of the day, the day they call,” he explains, no matter the issue. He recalls taking a call late on a Sunday night from a water company with a pump issue that left local residents without water. Early the next morning, Cresswell Drilling arrived on site with a 15-horsepower GWT submersible pump. The team replaced the malfunctioning pump by noon and the town had water again. 

Cresswell Drilling offers 24-hour emergency service when necessary, though most domestic well problems can usually be handled during normal business hours.

With years of experience under his belt, Cresswell knows business success is more than just luck. He cites the “dedication of our ownership and our employees, too. They do the job right away and get it done right.”

When it comes to “getting it done right,” he attributes the business’ success to ongoing employee training and education. Cresswell requires new employees to shadow experienced ones. Job shadowing allows employees to learn by example and ask questions on the job. By watching veteran employees during a project, trainees learn the proper ways to help customers with their water needs.

Many Cresswell Drilling employees have the opportunity to attend the Goulds Water Technology Factory School, a training facility that educates water industry professionals on the latest advancements in commercial, residential and agricultural applications. Attendees receive hands-on instruction and training on actual installations, and gain valuable troubleshooting skills. Cresswell and other similar companies can leverage advanced training, combined with weekly meetings where the team evaluates projects, to better serve customers and, ultimately, find success.  

Cresswell Drilling belongs to the Goulds Professional Dealer Association (GPDA), an affiliated program through Goulds Water Technology consisting of a network of independent water systems professionals. As a member, Cresswell uses GPDA resources and literature to assist customers in selecting the right products for their water well needs. Cresswell also receives benefits that can financially support his business as part of their GPDA membership.  

The Cresswells have been involved in the water industry for over a century, either working for the family business or, in the case of Scott’s eldest son, working for GWT. Cresswell takes pride his family’s history in this industry and is optimistic about the future of Cresswell Drilling: “I can’t foresee what’s going to happen in the future, but it looks promising.”