Water instrumentation design and manufacturing firm In-Situ has announced that their Android smartphone water monitoring app is now available across the company’s water level instrument platforms. In a release, the company says their customers can now enjoy a streamlined, cost-effective way to access and manage water level and quality monitoring data from a mobile device.

“We’re excited to bring our industry-leading software experiences to all of our customers, allowing them to pair our rugged and reliable water level and quality instruments with a software experience that is second-to-none in our industry,” says Ben Kimbell, vice president for research and design. “Whether you need to view live readings, set up logs via our easy, managed workflows, or configure your devices in any way, you can now use VuSitu and our Bluetooth Wireless TROLL Com to do so.”

The VuSitu mobile app, the company says, features accurate, repeatable and defensible data in and easy to access and analyze format. Users can quickly identify water level and quality monitoring sites, and instantly view, download and share data from the office or the field.

The app is offered in multiple languages to accommodate global customers. VuSitu provides auto-configuration, simplified calibration, directed data analysis and automated report creation for all applications that In-Situ instruments serve. It also features site photos and GPS coordinates to keep all projects organized in a central location. The app can be paired with a 7-inch Rugged Android Tablet for rapid field input of sample and other barcoded information via a built-in scanner.

The VuSitu app, as well as the company’s iSitu app, is free to download. To learn more, visit in-situ.com.