Terra Sonic International recently finished a customized TSi 150C, a crawler-mounted version of the TSi 150T, for the mining industry.

The TSi 150C is designed with a 225-horsepower diesel engine. The proprietary TSi 150 Series Sonic Oscillator uses 150 horsepower to generate resonant sonic energy in the drill string. The mast is 32 feet long and accommodates 20-foot sections of tooling.

"We want our customers to remember that when they require specific functionality or options, we can accommodate them," says Vincent Trotta, Terra Sonic president. "Whether a safety cage like on this rig, a diamond coring option, a short mast or something else entirely, Terra Sonic's design team will translate special requirements into reality on any model we produce."

The TSi 150C recently completed was engineered with a customer-specified rotation safety cage. Terra Sonic International can provide safety options to make Terra Sonic rigs compliant with the pertinent safety standards.

The crawler-mounted rig has full rotational drilling capability with a rated drilling depth of up to 1,000 feet depending on the lithology and casing design. Safety features include fold-down walkways, an extra-large work platform and safety handrails around the perimeter.

Applications for the original TSi 150C include environmental investigations or remediation, mineral or aggregates investigations, dam and levee investigations and remediation, water resource or dewatering projects, landfill investigations and expansions, and geoconstruction projects.

Terra Sonic International, based in Marietta, Ohio, is a leading maker and servicer of sonic drilling rigs and services. To learn more, visit www.terrasonicinternational.com.