Hose Solutions, the manufacturer of Boreline Flexible Drop Pipe has released a new product for the water well industry. The company calls the new WellHose DIY Drop Pipe is a “Bud Light” version of the Boreline. It is available from 1 to 4 inches and is designed mainly for the domestic, solar and shallow-set submersible pump market.

The Boreline is non-corrosive and sold with a 50 Year Warranty. It is supplied in continuous lengths and Hose Solutions touts the simple installation and retrieval of the pumps.

“No more waiting for equipment. No more high installation and retrieval costs. Just attach your submersible pump to the WellHose and lower it into the well. It’s as easy as that,” the company says.

The new drop pipe has been manufactured and installed in water utilities and mines around the world, since 1990. Boreline is a permanent solution designed to support large submersible pumps deep down in water wells without the need for support ropes or cables. Hose Solutions has installed pumps down to 1,000 feet in continuous lengths and the largest pump ever installed was a 400-horsepower pump installed down 300 feet in a mine.

Water utilities can now plan annual preventative maintenance, which ensures the well is producing at optimal performance and that the flow rate never drops below 95 percent of the original design.

For more information, visit www.hosesolutions.com.