Three-phase motor protection and enhanced troubleshooting are staples of the new SubMonitor Connect electronic motor protector from Franklin Electric Co. Inc. Featuring the FE Connect mobile technology app, the new SubMonitor Connect provides enhanced capabilities of real date and time-stamped system monitoring. This improves troubleshooting while protecting three-phase motor and pump systems ranging from 1 to 700 horsepower, or those that require up to 1000 amps.

The system allows drilling contractors and pump installers to monitor systems status live, complete basic or advanced setup, save commonly used setups for later use, and view/send fault history through the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. SubMonitor Connect protects against damage due to a variety of adverse conditions, such as low flow wells, clogging, bound pumps, over/under power (dry-run), over/under voltage protection, voltage phase loss, voltage and current phase unbalance, locked rotor, cycle fault, and ground fault. Additionally, the unit provides protection against arc flash. It offers 1 percent power metering that eliminates the need for an additional meter while providing communication with building management systems to track energy costs and motor status.

SubMonitor Connect can be used as part of a panel system or independently, depending on application need. It was designed for application-based setup that can be advanced or basic, depending on the contractor’s familiarity with the product or the application’s need. The unit’s Basic Setup feature, initiated through the FE Connect mobile app or directly programmed on the unit’s outward facing NEMA 4X display, helps contractors get up and running quickly while ensuring complete motor protection.

The connectivity between the SubMonitor Connect electronic motor protector and the FE Connect mobile app reduces safety risk for contractors. To troubleshoot the system, they can analyze the history and performance on their smartphone, eliminating the need to physically interact with the panel.

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