Flomatic Corporation is offering a new Model 80S6CL-VFD submersible pump check valve for use with variable-frequency drive (VFD) control submersible pumps. The patent-pending check valve is designed so as not to chatter when a VFD goes to low flow, which can cause premature wear.

The valve is also designed to minimize flow losses and hydraulic shocks in the pumping system. It features a 316 stainless steel body that incorporates North American Specialty Products patented groove lock type pipe connections, called Certa-Lok, to support deep set pumps. An exclusive stainless steel guided poppet system ensures that the valve automatically adjusts noiselessly from high to very low flow rates. 

The radiuses of the valve seat allow a self-cleaning one point swiping action by the radius-edged custom molded rubber seal disc.  All internal parts are made from corrosion resistant materials and have a durable design.

Flomatic Corporation, located in Glens Falls, N.Y., is a manufacturer of valves primarily for domestic and municipal water and wastewater applications. Forrest S. White founded the company in 1933 in Hoosick Falls, N.Y. as the White Flomatic Corporation. At that time, the main products that the valve company manufactured were bronze check valves, regulators and hot water circulators for industrial and domestic heating. Wilbur C. Rice became the president in 1962, when a program to modernize the plant and machinery began and the focus turned strictly to water and wastewater valves. To learn more, go to www.flomatic.com.