Sonic rig manufacturer TerraSonic International has released several updates to the company’s website.

“The changes we are making to the website reflect our new product-centric focus,” says Mike Scaringella, TerraSonic’s business development manager. “We also want our website to become an industry destination where valuable objective information is made easily accessible.”

One new section of the website, called “Why Sonic?,” addresses the benefits of sonic versus methodologies like direct push and augering. Another new section, called “Got Sonic?,” gives TerraSonic a forum to talk about how they assist customers already using sonic technology. The company, for example, can repair and rebuild sonic rigs – even from other manufacturers. A third section explains the company’s new Automatic Pipe Handling System. It describes the system’s benefits and allows visitors to contact TerraSonic with questions or to learn more.

TerraSonic, headquartered in Marietta, Ohio, designs, engineers and manufacturers a variety of sonic rigs and tooling for customers worldwide. For more information, visit