Numa, a maker of DTH hammers and bits, has a new distributor in Central America — Wequips. Wequips provides customers worldwide with solutions in the construction, maritime and offshore industries. In addition to Numa products, Wequips offers a wide range of equipment, tools, materials and services to contractors, port authorities and government agencies. 

The appointment of Wequips further cements Numa’s expanding global presence to provide point-of-service support for their hammers and bits. “Wequips is fully invested in serving its customers and is exactly the type of distributor we want to represent our product line,” says Ralph Leonard, president of Numa.

Wequips will sell and support the full range of Numa’s downhole hammers and bits in Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala. Their experience with different working methods and product applications will assist customers in choosing the right equipment to work in the most efficient way. Wequips is conveniently located in Panama City and can serve customers in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Wiger Franke, general director of Wequips, says, “Partnering with Numa was an extremely important step for us as we added the foremost leader in the DTH industry to our arsenal. We are excited to join the Numa team.”

Numa is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of down-hole hammers and bits for drilling vertical, horizontal, and reverse circulation holes from 3½ to 48 inches in diameter. Numa’s products are used in more than 105 countries, drilling in a wide range of industries including construction, foundation, micro piling, oil and gas, quarry, mining, utility, geothermal, environmental, horizontal, and water well. To learn more, go to or