Numa has added a new 5-gallon lubricator to its arsenal. The latest in its line of lubricators comes in a sturdy steel frame and is lightweight.

Designed with high portability, ease of use and speedy maintenance in mind, the lubricator is so light that two people can move it around the jobsite. Weighing in at 72 pounds without oil, the lubricator is made for 3- to 6-inch hammers. It’s intended to require just one fill up by the drilling contractor at the start of every shift.

The new system includes a 2-inch air manifold, providing drillers the ability to quickly connect. It has multiple inlets to supply water and/or foam. Like other Numa lubricators, this one uses a positive displacement pump for consistent, continuous supplies of rock drill oil when the air is turned on. A 6-inch hammer requires 2 quarts per hour, so the 5-gallon lubricator can supply oil for 10 operating hours.

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