Weatherford International has unveiled TruFrac, a composite frack plug intended to maximize plug-and-perf operation efficiency by reducing time on location.

“The TruFrac composite plug has been optimized to provide one of the shortest, smoothest plugs,” says Mark Hopmann, vice president of completions at Weatherford. “This results in faster run-in times and reduced mill-out times due to the plugs’ limited metal content and reduced cutting size, which allows a cleaner well.”

The company touts TruFrac’s improved anchoring and sealing capabilities, which increase reliability while lessening the risks associated with plug-and-perf operations. Weatherford makes its own 97 percent premium composite blend for TruFrac, to control quality and consistency throughout the plug creation process.

The plug can be used in temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures of up to 10,000 psi. Applications for single- and multiple-zone stimulation operations include vertical, deviated, horizontal and multilateral wells. It can run at up to 500 feet per minute in horizontal wells.

A recent example of TruFrac’s capabilities involves its use by an Eagle Ford operator that was able to cut mill-out time to an average of 10.5 minutes per plug, down from the industry average of 25 minutes. The accelerated plug-and-perf operation allowed the well to start producing sooner.

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