Superior Drilling Products Inc. is being awarded a second patent for the design, process, benefits and applications of the Drill-N-Ream tool.

Drill N Ream
The Drill-N-Ream removes ledges and reduces torque and drag. Source: Superior Drilling Products

The tool is used to condition a well bore while drilling.

“We are building a base of intellectual property which we believe will enable Superior Drilling Products to continue its growth by taking market share through the expansion of our customer base and geographic markets served,” says Troy Meier, founder and CEO of Superior Drilling Products.

The Drill-N-Ream rotates in an eccentric fashion while sliding smoothly behind the drill bit in a circular form when not turning. It is situated on the drill string assembly and more effectively conditions well bore surfaces than traditional reaming tools by removing ledges and reducing torque and drag. The tool allows for more efficient drilling by eliminating a two-day wiper trip, accelerating production and also improving weight transfer to the bit.

The U.S. patent, titled “Method and Apparatus for Reaming Well Bore Surfaces Nearer the Center of Drift,” was issued Aug. 26, 2014.

The patent gives the company additional intellectual property involving the design features and tool uses. An initial patent was granted June 17 and this serves as a continuation.

“This second Drill-N-Ream tool patent provides additional legal protection for our differentiated approach for reaming a well bore. We will continue to apply for patents as we develop new innovative drill string tool designs aimed at providing solutions that improve our customers’ profitability.”

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