Sandvik Exploration exhibited at Drill 2014 in Brisbane, Australia. The company is highly committed to Australia’s exploration drilling sector and considers the event an important one. 

Sandvik NSU System
The NSU/HSU core barrel system can be converted between NSU and HSU, meaning fewer spare parts.

“The exploration drilling sector is critical to Australia’s resources industry, and an event like Drill 2014 is an ideal opportunity for the sector to discuss some of the latest developments and opportunities,” says George Tophinke, Sandvik Exploration product line manager.

Sandvik showcased new products and William Howard, Sandvik Mining exploration automation specialist, did a presentation on iMachines and automation in exploration.

Products on display at Drill 2014 included:

NSU/HSU core barrel system: The forthcoming system is the first on the market able to work at the surface and underground, removing the need for different coring tools systems. It can easily be converted between NSU and HSU, meaning fewer spare parts. In addition, a single core barrel back end for standard and pump-in applications offers greater flexibility.

Two next-generation RC (reverse circulation) hammers: The RE120 and RE03 include bits that provide a cost-effective, heavy-duty sampling system for continuous, high-quality geological samples. Hammer improvements include a power increase of at least 20 percent, a higher specific power (kW/kg), 15 percent more overall efficiency, more effective operation at higher pressures, and efficient operation from pressures of 10 bar to 50 bar.

RZ400 core drilling bit range: The all-new RZ400 series diamond impregnated core drilling bits feature 20 to 30 percent less weight on bit than existing bits. This allows for higher penetration rates, resulting in lower fuel usage and reduced wear rates on other consumables such as drill rods.

Geological Core Tray System: Designed to bring more safety and easier handling, the system includes new purpose-designed plastic core trays and an automatic core saw. Its geological core trays are heavy duty inert plastic that can withstand highly corrosive materials, harsh climates and rough handling. Its proximity sensor reduces the potential for hand injuries. Available in single and three-phase units, both saws have a reverse feature for the safe removal of any obstructions.

“This is an important event for our exploration business to showcase our latest technologies and meet industry contacts face-to-face,” Tophinke says.

Sandvik is a global industrial group with products and positions in areas including tools for metal cutting, equipment and tools for the mining and construction industries, stainless materials, special alloys, metallic and ceramic resistance materials and process systems.