Boart Longyear announced the complete series of Longyear Diamond Drilling Bits is now available. All drillers from the newly promoted to the seasoned veteran find the color-coded Longyear diamond drilling bits much more effective in obtaining higher productivity.

The complete Longyear Diamond Bit Series includes a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple bit for a wide range of drilling conditions and ground formations, with each color corresponding to specific hardness ratings found on the standard Mohs hardness scale. A complete rating and comparison chart can be found at:

“Drillers want to know, which bit to use, how fast will it cut and how long will it last?” says Chris Lambert, senior product manager. “The new Longyear Bits simply cut faster (right out of the box) and last longer. The new line of color coding is meant to make it easier to select and use bits for every type of ground condition and for every driller experience level.”

After the initial launch of the Longyear Green Bit in November 2017, trials of additional colors in the series of diamond drilling bits proved to be successful. Drill crews in Australia tested several Longyear bits including green, yellow, and red bits over a three-month period after adoption. The combined result of these tests showed a 60-percent improvement over the competition, a full doubling in penetration rate, and placed 23-percent more core in the box.

A case study with more details about Longyear bits and their performance and test results can be found at

"The new Longyear bits cut faster and last longer,” says Robert Jex, division manager of U.S. North Coring. “These two qualities in a bit are hard to come by. Usually, a bit that cuts faster gets used up faster, which means more tripping to change the bit. The new Longyear bits seem to have the right balance. It’s important to select the right bit for the type of rock encountered. Longyear bits make that easier to do. I highly recommend the new Longyear bits—they have improved penetration rates, productivity and outlast any other bit I’ve used."

According to the company, drilling crews utilizing Longyear bits improved shift performance, time down the hole and meters drilled, ultimately placing more core in the box. As a result of successful testing in both underground and surface coring environments, the complete line of new Longyear diamond drilling bits is now available to drilling companies throughout the world.