North American Specialty Products (NASP) enhanced its Yelomine restrained-joint pipe system to carry higher pressures. The entire system—both pipe and joint coupling—is now qualified to 350 psi, using industry-standard testing and pressure rating methodologies. The updated Yelomine system brings the efficiency and durability of the company's pipe to a wider range of high water transfer applications.

Yelomine features the proprietary Certa-Lok restrained-joint system, which utilizes precision-machined grooves and a high-strength thermoplastic spline to create a fully circumferential, securely locked restrained joint. The updated system features a stouter spline and a thicker pipe wall.

"By demonstrating the system's ability to handle pressure up to 350 psi, we make the convenience of the Yelomine product available to a broader range of applications," said Mark Brunni, product specialist for NASP.

The 350 psi pipe system is available in 4-, 6- and 8-inch outside diameters. Yelomine pipe is made of specially modified PVC with average impact values up to five times greater than conventional PVC. It is resistant to weather, acids, and won’t rust or corrode. Yelomine also includes ultraviolet inhibitors that allow the pipe to be used in above-ground locations.

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