Dando Drilling International and Sonic Drill Corporation together have developed a new, compact sonic drill rig.

The Sonic SDC375, now available through Dando, features a drill head using Sonic Drill’s patented drilling technology. Dando says the SDC375 is designed to be “robust and reliable.” Its compact size also allows it into tight spaces and to fit into a standard-sized shipping container for easy long-distance transportation.

Dando’s SDC375 puts the company in the sonic drill market for the first time. The company said it entered the market due to sonic’s advantages over conventional drilling, which include speed, minimal fluids use and reduced hole deviation.

Dando and Sonic Drill committed to share technology, and Sonic Drill will also serve as Dando’s exclusive agent for the North American market.

Dando Drilling International, based in West Sussex, England, manufactures rigs for water well, mining, geotechnical and geothermal markets. For more information, visit www.dando.co.uk.

 Sonic Drill Corporation manufactures a variety of sonic drill rigs for environmental, geo-construction, geothermal, minerals and water well applications at its British Columbia, Canada, facility. For more information, visit www.sonic-drill.com