You have probably heard the saying, “good things come in small packages.” However, you probably have not heard this saying very often in the context of your day-to-day drilling work. Usually “the bigger the better” is the catchphrase that will ensure the work gets done and all unforeseen challenges are overcome. Actually, to be entirely accurate, what is generally meant can be summed up in the expression “within the limitations of the site, the biggest rig possible will assure the best outcome, while minimizing the footprint will help reduce costs.” Admittedly, that expression is such a mouthful that it won’t make anyone’s “Top 100” list of famous quotes. However, making that statement a reality is truly what was behind Terra Sonic International’s design of our Compact Crawler Sonic Drilling Rig.

Sonic Drilling is becoming the technology of choice for many environmental, geotechnical/geoconstruction and mineral exploration projects simply because sonic can complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. The benefits of sonic drilling are becoming more widely understood: minimal waste, highly representative core samples, fast drilling and minimal refusal. To fully leverage these benefits, sonic drill rigs are often being tasked to work in areas that have limited access including inside buildings, between structures, in populated areas, on sensitive sites, etc.

However, because contractors do not know all that might be encountered while drilling, their work still depends on having enough power to overcome whatever lurks beneath. The TSi 150CC Compact Crawler-Mounted Sonic Drill Rig achieves all of the efficiency and effectiveness expected of sonic technology while offering additional advantages of a smaller footprint, greater maneuverability and safer access to tricky terrains.

The TSi 150CC uses the exact same powerful sonic head as the TSi 150T Truck-Mounted and 150C Crawler-Mounted Sonic Drill Rigs. What makes this rig different is its size relative to its power. In fact, pound for pound and inch for inch, the 150CC is the most powerful compact crawler on the market today. Offering all of the advantages of the largest sonic drilling rigs, the compact size of the 150CC Compact Crawler (230 inches long by 85 inches high by 87 inches wide) allows it to fit inside a 20-foot shipping container. It can also be used in terrain where larger rigs are not as easy to maneuver. A short mast option for the 150CC also allows it to operate inside buildings or where height is restricted. The 150CC can angle drill from vertical to horizontal and can be driven via remote control with speed up to 3.35 mph (5.39 kph) and 60 percent gradeability.

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Bob Lauson is president of Terra Sonic International LLC..