Dando Drilling International has launched a new drill rig ideal for drilling contractors in need of a tailored-to-them option. The Multitec 4000’s modular design makes it possible for a variety of user-specific features to be installed at the Dando factory.

The multipurpose top-drive rotary rig has a small footprint and comes at a reasonable price point without compromising power. It is available in a water well version, featuring a large mud pump and a modified mast fitted with an open guide table and an automatic breakout wrench.

Featuring 4 tonnes of pullback, the Multitec 4000 can drill more than 200 meters using a variety of methods. Methods include open hole mud rotary, wireline and conventional coring, reverse circulation, rotary air-blast and DTH hammer drilling.

The standard version of the Multitec 4000 is mounted on a 1.36 meter wide crawler and gives buyers a selection of engine manufacturers and makes to choose from. It’s powered by a choice of silent pack diesel engines ranging from 50 to 100 horsepower. A 2.6-meter working stroke powers 2-meter drill rods and an onboard tool rack is able to safely carry rods and augers. Making and breaking joints are aided by double-acting hydraulic break out clamps.

Customizations extend to the type of carrier with choices including truck, trailer and skid mounted units, in addition to an expanding crawler that allows tracks to be extended to more than 2 meters when increased stability is needed.

Drillers can also choose from a range of rotary head specifications, an extended 3.6-meter stroke that allows the use of 3-meter rods and a swing-in SPT hammer for site investigations. The rotary head has four speeds in different versions, offering a maximum of 1000 rpm and a max torque of 6,500 nm.

Dando Drilling International, based in West Sussex, England, manufactures rigs for water well, mining, geotechnical and geothermal markets. For more information, visit www.dando.co.uk.