Ditch Witch recently released the JT20, which the company calls “the most efficient and productive drill in its horsepower class.” The new horizontal directional drill is a

Ditch Witch horizontal drill

The Ditch Witch JT20 horizontal directional drill has 17,000 pounds of thrust and 20,000 pounds of pullback. Source: Ditch Witch

re-engineering of the popular company’s JT2020.

The company says the JT20’s compactness makes for greater productivity on residential and urban jobsites. The rig comes stock with a 74.5 horsepower Deutz diesel engine, which is fully Tier-4 compliant. At 87-dBA, operators will appreciate how quiet the engine is.

While relatively compact, the JT20’S rack-and-pinion design packs 17,000 pounds of thrust and 20,000 pounds of pullback. A cruise-control feature simplifies drilling and back-reaming, and a heavy-duty anchor system boosts safety and stability.

The company says the JT20 was developed based input from long-time JT2020 customers. Advanced features include: an automated “carve” mode, which helps cut operator fatigue; as well as a tethered ground drive controller that offers better visibility, and easier loading and positioning for operators. From the operator’s station, drillers get a clear view of the drill pipe and pipe-loading system. The operator’s station also features an LCD display of engine diagnostics and other important job details.

Other key features include an advance cooling system, which uses less fluid than competing systems; a higher-capacity drilling fluid system, which enables longer utility installations and better performance in unconsolidated soils; and a fuel efficiency system that idles the engine after 15 seconds of inactivity and then engages an auto-throttle when the operator resumes work.

Ditch Witch says the rig’s daily maintenance points are also in one easy-to-reach spot, cutting service time and boosting work time.

 Ditch Witch brand directional drills, trenchers and other products are manufactured by Charles Machine Works at a facility in Perry, Okla. The family-owned company, founded in 1949, focuses on three principles: honesty, hard work and giving customers the best product in the world. For more information about the Ditch Witch, visit www.ditchwitch.com or call 800-654-6481.