The new Geo-Glide fittings feature a ribbed surface.

Ground Energy Systems recently announced the debut of its Geo-Glide Thin Wall Fittings line of products. The patent-pending line of Geo-Glide Thin Wall Fittings features a sweep turn, a tapered leading edge and a ribbed surface, all designed to facilitate the speed and appearance of insulated piping while reducing pressure drop for geothermal fluid.
These features lead to decreased labor costs and improved appearance of final installations, the company said in a news release.
“By listening to contractor needs, we were able to specifically engineer a fitting that is easier to insulate, has a nicer finished look, and leads to a 30 percent reduction in pressure drop,” said Ron Gershoni, president of Ground Energy Systems.
Andrew Heiligman, IGSHPA certified installer and president of ACES-Energy advocates for the new product.
“The Geo-Glide fittings have reduced our installation time and costs on our geothermal projects. We have been able to give the appearance of our final fit and finish on our projects a nice touch by being able to easily slide a single 6-foot piece of insulation over three consecutive 90 degree elbows.”
“Before, we were using split-seam insulation and insulation tape to tape the seams and elbows, which cost us expenses in both labor and materials. In addition to our loopfield applications, we have even used the Geo-Glide fittings in both chilled water and low-temperature heating systems.”
GES was founded in 2010 and is based in Tenafly, N.J. Distributors interested in the Geo-Glide line can visit or call 858-346-1945 for more information.