Vermeer’s new Hole Hammer tool comes in three sizes and offers two head assembly designs.

Vermeer this month introduced new products to its pneumatic piercing tool lineup.
The Vermeer Hole Hammer tool, the company said in a release, is an economical solution for horizontal drillers that can operate in a range of soil conditions and applications. It’s available in 2-, 2½- and 3-inch (5-, 6.4-, 7.6-cm) sizes.
Its moving-head design allows for full strike force of the piston to the head of the tool, pulverizing rocks and stones into the surrounding soil. Residual energy created helps inch the tool body along the compacted bore path. This, the company says, results in higher accuracy in a variety of soil conditions and a reduction of tool deflection.
Vermeer offers the tool with two head assembly designs-a standard replaceable one, and a moving-head version. This allows drillers to change the head as they encounter varying ground conditions. The standard head is for normal soil conditions, where production of 1 foot per minute is observed. In rockier conditions, when drillers see slower progress, they can switch to the moving-head assembly for better results.
The company touted the tool’s quarter-turn reverse function, which allows for quick reverses-even with the air on. This feature, it says, eliminates the need to power the tool down to reverse direction, which reduces time spent on underground restarts. This helps drillers deliver accurate results, even in challenging, wet soil conditions.
Hole Hammers also use a mechanical spring reset design for the head assembly. Vermeer says this gives the head a tight fit to the body of the tool, resulting in smooth starts. The body is ribbed to help the tool get traction in loose, unconsolidated soils. Inside, Vermeer says precision components cut seal wear, tool maintenance and, over the life of the tool, operating costs.
Vermeer Corporation, based in Pella, Iowa, offers a full line of horizontal directional drilling systems, as well as other products, through a broad network of authorized dealers. Vermeer’s line of piercing tools is manufactured by the McLaughlin Group Inc., based in Greenville, S.C. For more information on Vermeer products and services, visit the company’s website at or email Vermeer at