Fecon's GL14 can be used in grouting, mud drilling and other applications.

Fecon recently introduced its GL14 Support Trailer, a product the company describes as a “self-contained grouting and/or mud drilling support system for your drilling applications.”

The Fecon GL14, the company said in a release, provided an one-stop workstation for grout, mud mixing and pump operations. The trailer’s hydraulic lift assist ramps allow easy access to features like a 200-gallon water tank for back flushing and cleaning, a 58-gallon hopper for grout mixing and reel with a 500-foot grout line hose capacity. It also features lockable storage for tools and drill rods.

The whole package fits on a 6-foot-by-14-foot flatbed, which can be towed either by truck or the Fecon GL300 Drill Rig. The trailer also comes with 4-wheel brakes, which allows for safe highway towing. Fecon calls the combination of the GL300 rig and the GL14 trailer a complete solution for geothermal ground loop installation.

Fecon maintains a large manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Ohio. It was originally established in 1992 near Cincinnati, Ohio, to produce horizontal grinders and other wood processing equipment. It now manufactures a full line of forestry equipment, as well as a seismic and geothermal drilling line. For more information about Fecon and its products, visit www.fecon.com.