The new VPT 250 Short model hammer piercing tool allows for work in tight spaces, including congested metropolitan areas. 

Vermeer McGlaughlin
The VPT 250 Short comes in at 35 inches, considerably shorter than standard 2.5-inch piercing tools. Source: Vermeer

The VPT 250 Short’s positive-turn reverse design with a shorter body allows contractors to dig a more concise entry and exit pit for a more efficient jobsite. In turn, there is less impact on surrounding neighborhoods.

The length of the 2.5-inch-diameter piercing tool is only 35 inches, compared to the standard 2.5-inch tool, which is 59 inches.

Although shorter, it has a power of 720 blows per minute. The standard length tool offers 385 blows per minute. This version of the positive turn tool is designed for shorter bores in medium soils. 

The positive-turn reverse design lineup has minimal moving parts and is available in 2-, 2.5-, 3- and 4-inch (5-, 6.4-, 7.6 and 10.1-cm) sizes.

A tailbolt design provides for effective rear anvil clamping force and only requires a maximum of 35 foot-pounds of torque. The replaceable head design is made from CNC machined heat-treated alloy to protect the tool body and can be replaced to extend the tool body life cycle.

The hammer line also features air-on quarter turn reverse design available in 1.8-, 2-, 2.5-, 3 and 3.3-inch (4.5-, 5-, 6.4-, 7.6, 8.4-cm) tools. They come in replaceable head and moving head designs.

The moving head design increases production and accuracy. It does so by providing full striking force of the piston to the head of the tool, pulverizing stones in the surrounding soil. It is reset after each blow with the mechanical spring reset. The remaining energy created helps the tool body travel through the compacted bore path.

The Hole Hammer piercing tool line is available through the Vermeer dealer network.

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