From the desk ofND's editor.

Drillers to the Rescue - Again

It was a great day, indeed, Oct. 13, when the 33 trapped miners were rescued from a collapsed copper and gold mine in Chile. And while the situation was something no one would wish for, certainly, the drilling industry’s grit and determination was showcased to the entire world. People from Antarctica to Zimbabwe now know what a T130 is.

Schramm Inc. and Center Rock Inc. are to be commended for their tireless efforts; everyone in the drilling industry can share in the pride engendered by the rescue operation, which comes as no surprise to anyone reading this.

Drilling Ban Lifted - Now What?

The six-month ban on deep water drilling, which was set to expire Nov. 30, was lifted some six weeks early. But what about the permitting process? What about all the workers who were let go? And with the heavy hand of the government looming, what are the new standards and what are the new liabilities? The Gulf Coast spill might not have happened if the existing rules and regulations were properly enforced. BP is on the hook for $32 billion and counting – that will get your attention. There always will be risks – even under ideal circumstances. But will politicians make future drilling an unreasonably onerous proposition? The track record on matters such as that doesn’t bode well. Here’s hoping common sense prevails.

Share Your Success Stories

Times certainly have been tough of late; most everyone has a sad story to tell about their business. But it’s not like drillers to run away and hide from difficult situations. Some have found ways to not only get by, but to excel in the current economic climate. Not content to simply lament their fate, they’ve decided to move on and push forward.

National Driller’s parent company, BNP Media, has launched a Web site called, “Moving On.” In it, you’ll find stories from companies like yours that have found new ways to grow their businesses with new products, services, markets, management strategies, etc.

We have two requests. First, go to and check out the stories from other readers – you may well find an idea you can use for your firm’s benefit. Secondly, if you’ve implemented a new strategy that’s helping your company succeed in today’s market conditions, share your story with others. It’s a very simple process – only six steps. Your “Moving On” story will make an excellent addition to your marketing kit, so please visit today.