Schlumberger has announced the acquisition of Geoservices, a privately owned French oilfield services company specialized in mud-logging, slickline and production surveillance operations.

Geoservices, founded in 1958, employs approximately 5,000 people active in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company is a leading mud-logging company, and has invested heavily in the development of new technology for exploration and appraisal well activities, particularly in the emerging deep-water market.

“The addition of mud-logging technology to the Schlumberger portfolio is an important step in the development of higher-performance drilling systems,” comments Andrew Gould, chairman and CEO, Schlumberger Ltd. “The combination of Schlumberger real-time downhole formation sampling measurements with Geoservices’ drilling mud analysis will help customers better identify and react to drilling hazards, while the combination of mud logging with Schlumberger formation evaluation measurements will bring more complete understanding of rock lithology and fluid content.”

Mud logging extracts information from the drilling mud and drilling process while drilling, and provides data for both formation evaluation and drilling efficiency. In formation evaluation, mud logging complements wireline logging and logging-while-drilling measurements. In drilling efficiency, mud-logging information provides insight into the dynamic state of the well, and allows drilling mud weight properties to be optimized.

“I believe this to be a wonderful opportunity for Geoservices and for all of our employees”, notes Gaston Rebilly, founder of Geoservices. “Both our companies value people and technology as the means to bring greater value to our customers. The complementary nature of our services offers the opportunity to accelerate growth in both technology development and operational deployment.”