Schlumberger, a leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide, has acquired GeothermEx Inc., a California-based global provider of expert geothermal consulting services. The acquired team now operates as an integrated part of Schlumberger Geothermal Services, covering the full spectrum of resource exploration, development and production services.

“Schlumberger has been providing technologies and services to the geothermal industry for many years,” says Sanjaya Sood, vice president, Schlumberger Geothermal Services. “With the addition of GeothermEx, our team is better-equipped to offer innovative techniques to efficiently develop geothermal projects worldwide.”

Established in 1973, GeothermEx has developed numerous pioneering techniques for optimizing geothermal resources. Serving hundreds of geothermal power projects in more than 50 countries, GeothermEx specializes in geosciences, drilling, engineering, project development, reservoir management and economic analysis.