While in the drilling business in south Georgia years ago, being concerned citizens, we got actively involved in the local politics.

Our two sons were attending the local school. The buildings were old, the roofs were leaking, and there was no air-conditioning. So the local government decided to vote for a bond issue to build a new modern school.

Some people were for the new school, and some were against it. Many felt that what was good enough for them when they attended was good enough for their offspring. Some felt that the kids didn’t care where they attended school. Others believed that the minorities would just destroy a new school. Then there were some who just didn’t want to spend the money, not unlike today.

We wanted our sons to have the best schools possible, so we were politicking for the new school. We had banners on our vehicles, signs at our home and business, paid for advertising and even got on the local radio pulling for the new school.

The political atmosphere became very heated. We lost financially as customers cancelled drilling and service contracts. Our equipment wasn’t safe parked anywhere. We and others had windows broken in our homes and businesses, and suffered damaged equipment.

A few friends no longer were friendly. We then realized that mixing politics with business doesn’t work if you want to stay in business. Being an outsider, and considered a Yankee from Oklahoma, probably didn’t help, either.

Today I constantly receive political information from good friends, both Democrat and Republican, for and against today’s issues. I have advised friends that I do have my opinions and I do vote, but I don’t discuss politics. Political opinions matter.

It is wise to keep your politics to yourselves because you will lose valued friends and business, and therefore income. Only share your political feelings with those friends who you know feel the same. My wife, Bess, and I don’t discuss or share our political differences with one another. We both have our own personal political ideas. We go to the voting precinct together, but we may vote the same, or we may vote differently.

Our United States will survive – maybe for the better or maybe for the worse – but it will survive. All we can do is vote for our choice, fully support the winner and pray. If we don’t, everyone loses.

During our 53 years of marriage, Bess and I have learned that we can agree on some things, and we can differ on other things. But we don’t discuss our differences in politics, and I have learned to leave the toilet seat down.

On a lighter note, Bess and I have been traveling the northeastern United States, and we see that the drillers who are drilling geothermal loops are thriving, while most of those who are waiting for the telephone to ring aren’t doing much.

I’ve suggested it before, but I’ll say it again: If you want your business to survive, set up, update and monitor a company Web site, and learn about geothermal loops. Another advantage is to get IGSHPA-certified.

Contact the air-conditioning people in your area, let them know that you can install geothermal loops, and then remain accessible. More importantly, don’t let your drilling and individual state licenses expire.

Send me some funny drilling stories or stories about your special or unusual jobs. Occasionally, I may write about them.