I recently worked with an exceptional contractor, Tri-County Irrigation and Plumbing Inc., in Goodfield, Ill.

I recently worked with an exceptional contractor, Tri-County Irrigation and Plumbing Inc. (www.tricountyirrigation.com), in Goodfield, Ill. I was very impressed with the company, the principals, business premises, equipment and the drill crew’s on-site performance.

The company has four excellent drilling machines and support equipment. All of the employees present themselves as the professionals they are. They wear distinctive work clothing. They all wear their hard hats while on the job sites – safety is of the utmost importance with everyone at this company. They all were well-shaven with clean haircuts. I’m sure that some employees must have smoked and chewed, but while I was there, I saw none. I heard very little profanity from anyone, and they all were courteous.

Even though it’s almost impossible to do, their equipment and trucks were kept clean – or at least as clean as possible. The business, the shop and the offices were well organized and clean.

The shop mechanic/engineer/fabricator built everything we needed to the “T.” He understood our needs with only a verbal description and basic drawing. When tools were constructed, they were as professional as any fabricator could have done.

I’m sure that it wasn’t the norm, but one of the principals of the company invited and paid for the men’s lunch in a local restaurant on the day that they were unable to drill. I presented a PowerPoint presentation in-house that day where we discussed many geothermal drilling problems and solutions.

They were having some drilling problems on-site, and of course that’s why I was there. The operator and his assistant were patient even though they were somewhat frustrated. They followed my suggestions without reservation.

As many of the readers know, I work as a drilling consultant all over the world. Be clear that I work with many qualified contractors; however, this company remains outstanding.