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We're Going With You

There are significant factors at work – some obvious, others more subtle – that are causing a lot of drilling professionals to look at markets outside their historically tried-and-true experiences as a way to keep their companies healthy and growing. Up-and-coming markets include geothermal, infrastructure and exploration drilling, among others. Some are easier than others to enter; some have higher ceilings and/or floors than others. As is the case with just about everything drilling-related, each individual company will do what it thinks is best according to its unique situation.

And as also is the case with just about everything drilling-related,National Drillerwill be delivering the editorial package that gives drilling contractors and water professionals the information they need to advance and optimize their business plans. While you broaden the scope of your target markets, we’re broadening our coverage of those same disciplines. No doubt you’ve already noticed that this evolution has impacted the printed version ofNational Drillerthat arrives in your mailbox. You’ll also see it at our Web site ( and in our free electronic newsletters (The National Driller e-Newsletter andThe Foundations Report).

Though times are tough all over right now, we’re excited about the future, and look forward to playing our modest, yet inspired role in this increasingly dynamic industry. Hopefully, at this time next year, we’re talking about the promise of our economic upswing. Until then, we’ll continue to do everything we can to live up to our reputation as the best-read publication in the field.

Next EPA Chief?

President-elect Barack Obama is strongly considering environmental lawyer and advocate Robert Kennedy Jr. to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to political columnist Juliet Eilperin on Other names under consideration for the administrator slot: former Sierra Club president and environmental activist Lisa Renstrom; California Air Resources Board chair Mary Nichols; Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Kathleen McGinty; and Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Ian Bowles.

Online CEUs

The oft-cited pain-in-the-butt factor has been eliminated in Texas. Water well drillers, pump installers and apprentices in the Lone Star State now can complete their continuing education requirements online. Simply go to and click on the “TGWA Online Training Center” link, and you can complete your courses in your own home or office today.

New Infrastructure Resource

ADSC: The International Association of Foundation Drilling has published Infrastructure: Evaluation, Maintenance and Repair, written by ADSC vice president Tom Witherspoon, a noted foundation contractor, engineer and researcher. Witherspoon brings his considerable talents and experiences to the task of identifying and addressing how to deal with several key elements of the United States infrastructure. His earlier, very popular book Residential Foundation Performance, has been distributed throughout the world. As was the case in the prior work, Witherspoon not only defines the problem, but offers step-by-step solutions.

The 354-page, copiously illustrated text addresses five segments of the infrastructure that are in need of evaluation, maintenance and repair. These include highways, bridges, airports, buildings and parking garages. The bridge collapse on Highway I-35 in Minneapolis was a wake-up call that our infrastructure is crumbling and needs repair and, in many cases, replacement. For too long, we have continued to overload, over-occupy, and over-utilize those systems that make a nation viable. Now is the time to evaluate the infrastructure, and make the repairs necessary to bring these important life-line elements back to a level of dependability.

This book is written for contractors, engineers, public servants and officials, and students who will be given the job of providing evaluation, repair and maintenance specifications and designs to address the increasing infrastructure needs. Infrastructure, Evaluation, Maintenance and Repair is intended to be “used;” it is not a mere diatribe pointing out the woes of our current state. Those who utilize the resources provided will receive proposals and guidelines for maintenance, evaluation and repair of their facilities; ideas to help forensically evaluate these structures and facilities; examples of successful applications of engineering evaluation and construction methods; cost-saving ideas to accomplish their mandates; and a compilation of successful methods of addressing facility needs.

This title is available through the ADSC’s Technical Library Service. ADSC member price is $51.25, non-members $62.50, plus shipping and handling. To order, e-mail sesking@adsciafd or telephone 214-343-2091.

We've Got Mail - Philanthropists Seek Assistance

Next to HIV/AIDS, waterborne bacteria from unsafe drinking sources are a leading killer in Tanzania, particularly for children who have not yet developed immunity to these bacteria. We invite you, as professional water well drillers, suppliers and manufacturers, to join us in assisting the Western Iowa Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to provide for modern water well drilling equipment and supplies that enable us to drill wells to depths of 50 feet to 300 feet. These wells will be equipped with hand pumps, and one community well can service as many as 23,000 people from surrounding villages. Skilled drillers and pump installers also are needed to go to Tanzania periodically to assist the established drill team there in proper well construction, pump installation and maintenance. Imagine the opportunity to go to Tanzania, be invited into homes and communities, share thoughts, expertise, and this gift of life with these very kind, loving and appreciative people. If you have a heart for volunteer work and helping others, and are open to utilizing your skills and knowledge as a ground water professional, this project can meet your desire and provide the experience of a lifetime!

We ask for the water well industry’s financial and professional support to assist the Western Iowa Synod ELCA to reach the goal of providing clean, safe water to the people of Tanzania.

Please contact Jeff Bowen (; 712-434-2125) or Darwin Evans (; 712-434-5873) to contribute equipment, supplies or services, or to answer any questions.

Asante sana (thank you very much).