A look at recent industry events.

Jubilee Unveils Its New Look

This year’s South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee featured a new schedule, and, like most situations that involve change, you sort of had to turn off the autopilot mode, stay on your toes and get used to things. Apparent from eavesdropped-upon conversations is that the rearranging of long-standing tee times was the issue of greatest import. No doubt the schedule will be further tweaked as the show continues its evolution in order to best serve the industry. Look for a full report on all the action from Myrtle Beach in next month’s issue.

On the Legislation Front

This in from our D.C. authority, Caroline Mims:

Global warming legislation titled, The Transportation Energy Security and Climate Change Mitigation Act of 2007, recently was approved by the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The legislation includes language stating that national policy for federal water projects is to consider the future impacts of increased hurricanes, droughts and other climate-change-related weather events, avoid unwise use of floodplains, and protect wetlands to the maximum extent possible. The measure would establish an eight-member panel that would include appointees by the White House, and party leaders in both the House and Senate. They would have five years to evaluate current federal, state and local water management programs, and recommend incentives intended to ensure an adequate and dependable supply of water to meet the United States’ needs for the next 50 years.

Atlas Copco's Latest Expansion

Atlas Copco Construction Mining Technique USA LLC has acquired Quarry and Contractor Equipment & Supply Company Inc., based in Baltimore. It is a family-owned company with 17 employees. The main reason that Atlas Copco is making this acquisition is to have a stronger combined presence in this growing region.

The company has many years of experience in the drilling supply business, and its office in Baltimore will become an important regional company store, which will be responsible for the sales and service of the full range of Atlas Copco construction and mining equipment in its assigned territory in the growing Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware region. It will be managed by Jason Blais, previously Atlas Copco’s area sales manager. The main owner and general manager, Bob Kountz, will stay on with the company as an employee.

How Low Do You Go?

(We’re not talking about pricing.)

A recent Web poll at www.thedriller.com asked, “What is the average depth of the water wells you’ve drilled in the past year?” The responses:

Less than 25 feet – 5 percent

26 feet to 50 feet – 7 percent

51 feet to 75 feet – 3 percent

76 feet to 100 feet – 7 percent

101 feet to 150 feet – 11 percent

151 feet to 200 feet – 15 percent

201 feet to 300 feet – 11 percent

301 feet to 400 feet – 19 percent

401 feet to 500 feet – 7 percent

501 feet or more – 17 percent

New Foundation Drilling Newsletter

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