Editor Greg Ettling gives you the skinny on some of the changes you may have noticed in your last few issues ofNational Driller.

share. So far, most of them have been rather subtle - little things that might almost go unnoticed without a close inspection. Think of these things not so much as changes but as small steps in a constant evolutionary process that will ensureNational Drillercontinues its quest to provide the best possible service to our industry. And I'll repeat our invitation to readers to submit comments and other contributions to facilitate that process. Tell us what you like and don't like; send us news about your company, your projects or anything else you'd be kind enough to share. And please fill out your subscription card.

The Inspector's Coming

Another new development is taking place behind the scenes -National Drillersoon will be an audited publication. I won't go into all that that entails (the procedural guidelines and rules book weighs about 42 pounds) but I'll explain the basics and what it means to you. A third-party comes in and examines all of the circulation records, verifying the demographics of our audience. This is the best way for people to objectively measure the fundamental vitality of our magazine, thereby identifyingNational Drilleras a leader in the industry and a magazine that adheres to and supports quality standards.

This is where you come in. To pass the audit, all of the circulation paperwork must be in order. And we get the bulk of that paperwork from you in the form of subscription cards. Many of you have a subscription card attached to the front of this issue. That means your records haven't been updated within the most recent audit period. Subscriptions that aren't regularly updated run the risk of being terminated in order to meet some of the complex audit criteria. Fill out that card and we'll never let that happen to you. It takes all of 90 seconds to keep your free subscription for another year.

There's Some Good And Bad News

We just received news from the Post Office - rarely a good thing - and our worst fears were indeed realized. The cost of second class mail (magazines) is being jacked up July 1, with another whack coming on January 1, 2002. That's the bad news. The good news (for you at least): as a result of our increased investment, your free subscription will, in effect, become that much more valuable to you and your business.

This postage hike places increased scrutiny on the aforementioned audit process. That, in turn, places further significance on those subscription cards - so please fill them out and get them in here. Mail 'em, fax 'em, carrier pigeon 'em - just get 'em in here. It's fast; it's easy; and it's free.

Reader Service

And don't forget to take advantage of the Reader Service Card system to keep up with the latest information on available products and services. We can't tell you everything about the products we feature, nor do the advertisements have room to be entirely comprehensive. Complete the card and you'll receive more detailed information - and automatically renew your free subscription at the same time. The Reader Service system also is fast, easy and free.

Toys, Models and Playthings

We're seeking pictures of model rigs and other drilling-related toys. If you have such an item, we'd very much appreciate a photograph. Tell us what you can about the item and be sure to include your name, company and location so we can include that information in the article. Send the photos toNational Driller, 4636 Hwy 90 East, Suite P, Marianna, FL 32446. If the pictures are electronic, send them to melanieamace@aol.com.

One Last Time

Did I mention we need you to fill out the subscription cards?